Window detail creates that model home feel.

 Window detail creates that model home feel.

Earlier this year our blog titled “Want that model home feel? Aim high”, suggested that the very act of creating taller windows and doors in your home increases the wow factor found in model homes. The desire to create that model home feel in your own home is a sentiment many homeowners express.

Another design secret is the importance of detail.

Once a home’s style is determined, what makes that style come alive is attention to detail. It’s important that you take the time to select the windows, doors and other objects in your home beginning with three design principles.

Think about what you don’t see.

Oftentimes design is about thing that you don’t add, rather than the material that you do create. In other words, good design requires you to consciously do less. I’m reminded of a couple that selected arched windows and then they proceeded to cover the beautiful design under lavish window coverings. It’s hard to design minimally because we feel that convention dictates otherwise. Try to resist the urge to over decorate. Remember less is more. Open space creates focal points.

Window detail creates that model home feel.

Refine to the finer details.

Fine-tune a space, the elements, alignment or scale of your windows and doors with the size, shape and existing features in the room. Get the detail right by focusing on proportions and lines of sight. For example, window grills can be used discretely as design elements, rather than simply repeating the identical pattern throughout.

Borrow from what you see.

Get inspired by studying spaces similar to the space in your home that you intend to remodel or build. Today, many manufacturers offer visual tools that allow you to be your own designer. Andersen provides a visualizer to select your trim and sash colors. Likewise, you’ll like the Therma-True design tool or visit our showroom door design gallery  or visit our showroom door design gallery to touch the doors and customize your glass choice.  These visulizers let you choose your home style and select from a variety of door styles and colors to create the look you want. It’s as though you have your own personal designer. When you walk into a model home, you can be certain that professionals created that beautiful space. Becoming a professional at your craft means you’ve created a lot of bad work and made a lot of mistakes on your journey to becoming an expert. Build your skills by decorating less, creating focal points and experimenting. If you want that model home feel focus on the details like a professional does.Visit our showroom to touch the products, see the colors in different lights and get advice from professionals who can help you avoid common mistakes.

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