Our Woodland Windows and Doors team offers replacement doors in various door styles for homeowners and contractors in the Chicago area. We carry a variety of entry doors and panoramic doors from brands like AndersenMarvinPella, and many more major door manufacturers. Click on the style below to learn more about the door styles available. 

Wood Entry

Wood Entry Door Installation

Entry Wood Doors are a premium choice in entry doors. Select to match the architectural style of the home. Wood doors are elegant with contoured detail options. Single-doors or double-door openings are common.

Fiberglass & Steel Entry

Fiberglass & Steel Entry Door Installation

Entry Fiberglass or Steel Doors are a budget alternative to wood entry doors, fiberglass or steel doors are easier to maintain and more durable. Today’s choices can mimic the look of a wood door or choose a smooth finish.


Patio Door Installation and Replacement

Patio Hinged french style doors open inward or outward. Use a single door, two doors or combine doors with a fixed door for a wider daylight opening. A clean modern look or add grilles to create classic feel.

Patio Slider doors have at least one door panel that glides smoothly past another door panel to save room. Today’s designs are crafted for a smooth operation. Add stationary panels for a wider view.


Exterior Door Installation and Replacement

Exterior doors typically serve a utilitarian purpose to exit or enter the house and the garage, side yard, sunroom, mud room, or service porch. A single door with or without glass with fire-rated and security options.

Scenic Doors

Scenic Door Installation

Bi-Fold Doors scenic doors for indoor/outdoor living. Uni-directional doors on a single track, one to 16 panels can create openings as large as 55 ft wide by 10 ft high.

Multi-slide or Lift and Slide scenic doors bring the outside in. Uni-directional or bi-parting, pocket or stacked operation with frame openings up to 56 ft wide and 12 ft high.


Interior Doors

Interior Doors do not have to withstand the elements and so come in a variety of materials and finishes. Commonly 1 3/8” thick a standard door will use two hinges although three hinges may be used for an 8’ door. Solid core doors are a favorite to dampen noise.

Custom & Specialty

Custom Specialty Door Designs

Specialty door manufacturers are able to build semi-custom and custom doors with less effort today due to the design and manufacturing technologies – Radius doors, screen doors or louver doors are just a few examples of the possibilities.

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