Best Entry Door Replacement in Winter

Best Entry Door Replacement in Winter

There are few more welcoming sights than Entry Doors decorated for the holidays. Last evening I went to a Holiday party. The home’s entry way was lite up with festive lights and a beautiful door was adorned a wreath. Several partygoers arrived at the same time heading to the welcoming door, when someone said, I think the party is next door. Sure, enough and we turned and headed to the darkly lit door, rang the bell to be greeted by our warm hostess. Could that entry door describe your party this year?

If you imagine your front entrance looking like one of these photos, now is a good time to get the entry door of your holiday dreams. Winter is a great time to shop for a door, get it ordered and installed before the Spring demand for installers.

Best Entry Door Replacement in Winter

The Best Replacement Entry Door

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors
    • The highest level of fiberglass doors from companies like Therma-Tru and Provia, the premium level, are the best in the market. When you feel these fiberglass doors, you won’t even be able to tell whether it’s wood or fiberglass. The finishes give the doors an elegant appearance to go along with these doors increased durability and structural support. Fiberglass entry doors start at $1,600, and can go up to $16,000, depending on the size of your opening and a plethora of custom features including transoms and sidelites. 
  • Clad Wood Entry Doors
    • Clad wood entry doors, typically French door styles from Marvin or Andersen, will either have an extruded aluminum exterior, or a roll form aluminum with a wood interior. These doors are generally full glass with energy efficient dual panes with Low E, argon gas and multi-point locks. The doors are increasingly popular in modern, craftsman and cottage style homes. Prices range from $2,000-$20,000.
  • Wood Entry Doors
    • Wood entry doors from Pella or Jeld-wen are still one of the most popular selections for homeowners because of their classic beauty, although Fiberglass doors are particularly appealing in the harsh Chicago area climate. These doors can range from $1,000-$30,000 in cost, depending on the wood species, the size of the door, and glass options. Although wood entry doors are unique and absolutely stunning, you have to consider their natural principles. In cold climates, the door will contract, and in hot climates, the door will expand. Sun exposure can fade the wood requiring regular maintenance and refinishing.
  • Steel Doors 
    • A widely used entry door is steel due to their cost effectiveness, security and designs to mimic wood doors. Today’s steel doors contain an insulated core that creates a thermal barrier making the door more energy efficient. We recommend a high-grade steel to minimize dings, resist rust and corrosion. Selecting a high-quality custom steel door from Jeld-wen, with a thicker steel skin and perhaps, decorative glass, the price can go up as high as $7,000.

Replacing in Winter

Today there are sealants and adhesives suitable for cold weather applications such as silicone-based caulks or high joint movement capable sealants. Professional installers will take thoughtful preparations to work on a sunnier warmer day if possible and close the interior doors throughout the house to keep in the warmth. Installation costs depend on your specific entry, the size of the opening, the condition of the existing opening and the general complexity of the job. If a pre-hung door or door system fits well into the existing opening, the installation is usually straightforward and will be less expensive if these conditions aren’t met. Reconstruction work like building or enlarging a door frame or creating a rough opening for transoms or sidelites may be well worth the additional charges for a spectacular new Entry door.

Next holiday your home will look like one of these!

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