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For over 50 years Woodland has been creating custom matched and stained woodwork for new construction and replacement projects for customers who want a specific color or need to match existing windows, doors, frames or trim. The increasing demand for custom color prompted us to invest in building a controlled environment for finishing windows and doors.

In 2007 we opened Woodland’s 6,000 SQ FT Finishing Facility to allow us to control the finishing process from beginning to end using a customer supplied or selected color from our vast selection of Sherman Williams paints. We pre-stain or pre- paint your product before installation, eliminating stain accidents and odors from your home.

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First Decide Stain or Paint

If you are keeping your original trim and need to cover up blemishes, discoloration, or other problems with the wood, paint may be the right answer. If you want to highlight the wood door or trim and its natural beauty, stain may be the way to go. Additionally, you can opt to mix and match paint and stain.

Keep in mind when selecting staining that each stain will look different on different wood species. The number of coats applied, the quality of the stain, as well as the finish coat will all contribute to slight color variation. Always insist on a test sample before you make a final decision.

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Mix and Match or All One Finish

There is no one rule for combining paint finishes or stained finishes. Painted windows or doors with a contrasting color trim are popular. When replacing windows or doors you can also choose to match your existing room trim. Woodland’s experts can guide you and show you multiple samples. Part of Woodland’s services, or what we call “The Woodland Way“, includes design ideas personalized to your project including exploring your many finish options.

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Custom Window Finishing

Match Your Existing Casings & Leave no Unfinished Wood

It’s common for new windows not to match your old jambs and casings. Woodland Pre-Finishing services can match your jambs and casing to your new windows. Woodland’s services avoid the problem of unfinished surfaces on the sash by disassembling all components before finishing. We go to the extremes in removing all the factory hardware to stain all edges of the sashes and then reassemble the hardware onto the window after it’s fully dried and cured. Unlike the competition, who are not going to the extreme prepping Woodland goes through.

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No Odors And No Mess

Our process eliminates the need for on-site finishing. If you want the look of completely custom windows and doors try our Refinishing Services. If you want the look of completely custom windows and doors try our Refinishing Services. For More Information Call: 630-529-3667

Our team at Woodland Windows & Doors uses water based finishing products. Water based finishing products are odorless and environmentally friendly.

Get the Look You Want

Paints and stains are the final touches of your project. When it comes time to select the finishes for your project, come prepared to make some key design choices about mixing and matching your windows, doors, and trim finishes. Customizing your color choices will make a big difference in the outcome of your project.

You needn’t default to the factory selected colors from the manufacturers, nor do you have to settle for matching your existing trim color. You have multiple options to “bring it in”, just the way you imagined your home could look.


“The stain match to existing woodwork was incredible! Outstanding match. Both Greg and the replacement door installers were professional, courteous, and very easy to work with.”

Tom and Carrie B. | Naperville, IL 60563

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Custom Pre-Finishing Services

For over 50 years Woodland Windows & Doors has been creating custom matched and stained woodwork for new construction and replacement window & door projects. We work with customers who are looking for a specific color or need to match existing windows, doors, framing, or trim. Chat with our pre-finishing experts if you have any questions.

“happy with
the windows and doors.”

We’re pleased with our new garden windows. We hope to use Woodland for our replacement entry door project shortly.

Daniel And Margie P. – Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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Service on New Door Installation

The customer service is as good as the product. This is rare in today’s fast pace sales and move on to the next opportunity. Matt always replied to any service concern we had. Thank you for making this a positive experience.

Jose Gomez

Replace a large foyer window with a new window.

I wanted to replace a large 25 year old window in the foyer of my home. The removal and installation of the new window required scaffolding because the mounting location was 12 feet above the ground floor. I was surprised that the Woodland installation team made the job look easy. The Woodland team used tarps

Louis Hacker

Window replacement

I had all new replacement windows installed in my unit. I had used Woodland in the past at my home, so when I moved into a townhouse/condo I decided to use them again. Best decision!! The installers were great, they were always on time, very friendly and left everything cleaned up when they left. I

Sandy Stoll

Door Install

I would highly recommend Woodland Windows & Doors. The crew, lead by Darly, were very professional and there workmanship was excellent. Great product Thank you Darly and crew

Jeff Cramer

Window and Door Installation

Buying new windows and doors is an experience to say the least. We shopped and met with folks in the business and were moving closer to NOT doing the project. Some were pushing just window (glass) replacement, not the WINDOWS complete with frames all the way out to the rough opening. That made no sense

Ron G