Farmhouse Black Windows from Marvin, Andersen, and More

Black windows are a natural fit for a Farmhouse style home, so it’s no wonder we’re noticing the trend with so many beautiful examples in our neighborhoods. Black windows work with the typical warm or cool neutrals like cream, beige, silver sage, and grey interior colors. They complement the minimalist style and are stunning in contrast with the typical white, board and batten, exterior siding.

Quality window manufacturers like Marvin, Andersen, Pella, and Quaker now offer the color black for the interior and exterior finishes. They also offer the flexibility to mix and match the finishes in any number of ways. Additionally, the wide variety of styles achieves the modern or traditional Farmhouse look, double-hung with grills for the traditionally minded or casements with narrower rails and stiles for the modern interpretation.

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Window Styles that Work

Farmhouse Black Windows from Marvin, Andersen and More

Typically, Farmhouse style homes are asymmetrical in design with bright open interior spaces. Marvin product lines, Signature (wood interior-aluminum clad exterior), Elevate (Wood interior, fiberglass exterior), or Essential (all fiberglass) all offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

Traditional Farmhouse style may prefer black double-hung windows with four or six-lite grilles. Both traditional and modern farmhouses can mix a variety of window sizes and shapes, typical of the asymmetrical architecture.

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Window Colors that Work: Painting Your Windows with One or Two Colors

When replacing existing windows or building a new home, many homeowners assume their color choice is limited, and if you don’t take the standard option, you’ll have to pay a lot more for custom. Not so when it comes to window finishing choices, and few decisions will make as big of an impact on your finished home than selecting black windows.

Most homeowners are just looking forward to some nice color combinations for their home, and few understand how a two-tone solution is actually created. A two-color combination doesn’t have to be complicated with a basic understanding of window anatomy.

Window Anatomy

There are two parts to a window, the sash, and the casing. The sash is the window part that moves up and down and fits inside the casing, and the casing is the pretty frame that holds the window sash, it is stationary and considered to be trim. There is often a third element to a finished window installation when replacing old windows or for new construction, and that is additional molding, which is an added feature in multiple with several styles of its own.

The rule for a two-color window is simple, paint the window casing one color and the window sash the other color.

How to create a two-tone window combination for both the interior and exterior?

Be aware that these color combinations will look different on the inside or outside of the window, not just due to the wall or house color but because the window design is different. Don’t forget to factor in screen colors too. Additionally, Farmhouse window molding, that added feature, is chunkier than traditional trim and should be considered in your design plans.

The chunkier Farmhouse window exterior molding is a key consideration to factor, just as a finished window without any exterior added molding or something in between will be. What’s important is the proportionality to make a visually pleasing impact on your home. The casing must look structurally strong because it supports an opening in the wall of the house. The sash is more delicate and secondary to the casing, but it must be strong enough to be visible from afar and show enough strength to hold the window glass firmly.

That’s it, these are your choice combinations for the interior and exterior – black sash with different color casing and optional molding or black sash, casing, and molding. The manufacturer’s offerings will guide that decision depending on the availability of standard and custom options.

What Manufacturers offer Black Windows?

The popularity of black windows has ensured that most of the large window manufacturers like Marvin, Andersen, Pella or Quaker all offer black interior and exterior finishing options for the majority of their product lines.

Marvin “Matt Black” is gaining popularity on narrower rails and stiles. Or “Designer Black” painted narrow-width doors add architectural drama. Count on black windows and matte black hardware from the Marvin Contemporary Studio collection to make a statement. Designer black interior is a standard option on all Marvin windows and doors with a clad exterior from the Signature Contemporary Studio collection.

Other brands Woodland features like Andersen, Pella, and Quaker likewise offer a full selection of black finishes.

The modern or traditional Farmhouse is using black windows to get the look. If you are shopping for black windows, remember, that by following a few design principles, there are multiple ways to achieve the look you want.

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