Black Windows Are Now Widely Available

No longer just a trend, Black windows are now offered by more manufacturers because they can be as versatile as white.

Black Windows For All Home Styles

White windows have long been a standard choice, yet increasingly black, once used as a focal point color, now black is also seen as a neutral window color. White windows are still selected for traditional homes and black is increasingly selected for a variety of styles from chic modern to historic renovations. For example, black windows, black gutters and fascia complements the red or brown brickwork of many old buildings.

The fact is that the color black is elegant and goes with everything the same way white compliments other colors and a variety of design choices.

Black Windows Are Now Widely Available

Designing with Black Windows

Keep in mind that you can use black window frames on the exterior and another color on the interior.

White windows frame a window while black interior frames will naturally draw the eye to the outside, making them an excellent choice for rooms with views.

The dramatic effect of black makes the home look higher end.

Some designers say, black is like a classic black suit – everything looks great in black and you can style what goes with it accordingly.

Generally speaking black aluminum windows look more expensive than their wood counterpart.

Black windows can look out of place in a light and airy space where white is the predominant color. White frames will work better.

Lastly, black absorbs more heat, which may be important if your windows face the western sun.

Black Windows Are Now Widely Available

Where to Get Black Windows

Marvin Windows & Doors offers black across all of their product lines, Ultimate – sophisticated designer black interior with ebony clad exterior, Integrity and Infinity both offer ebony. Designer Black interior painted finish is a standard option on all Marvin pin windows with a clad exterior.

Anderson, Pella and Quaker all offer black in their product lines.

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