Black Windows Trending

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Valid for residential installed sales only. Coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024 for the coupon to be valid.

Black Windows Trending

Have you noticed that black windows are replacing white windows for home renovations and new homes? Now offered by most manufacturers, black is perfect for accentuating the clean simple lines todays homeowners prefer.

White windows have long been a standard choice, yet increasingly black, once used as a focal point color, is seen as a neutral window color. White windows are still selected for traditional homes and black is increasingly selected for a variety of styles from chic modern to historic renovations. For example, black windows, black gutters and fascia complements the red or brown brickwork of many old buildings.

The fact is that the color black is elegant and goes with everything the same way white compliments other colors and a variety of design choices and brands like Marvin offer interior and exterior options in black.

Black Windows Trending

Black Windows Trending

A trend is not the same thing as a fad. A trend is something newly popular and a fad is a passing craze. If you’re asking yourself, “will black windows go out of date”, answer this, does black anything ever go out of date? Black windows are here to stay because it’s the perfect color for the narrower window profiles of farm house or contemporary homes.

A popular window style, the picture window is transformed into a work of art when black. The black color recedes sending your eye straight to the scene that’s framed in the window. It’s common to see black windows with white frames for interior spaces or in contemporary rooms the windows are often frameless. Exterior window frames of any color work with black windows.

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Designing with Black Windows

Keep in mind that you can use black window frames on the exterior and another color on the interior. Or many homeowners are selecting black window interiors in order to minimize the window profiles. Just like that skinny black dress.

White windows frame a window while black interior frames will naturally draw the eye to the outside, making them an excellent choice for rooms with views.

The dramatic effect of black makes the home look higher end.

Some designers say, black is like a classic black suit – everything looks great in black and you can style what goes with it accordingly.

Generally speaking black aluminum windows look more expensive than their wood counterpart.

Black windows can look out of place in a light and airy space where white is the predominant color. White frames will work better.

Lastly, black absorbs more heat, which may be important if your windows face the western sun.

Where to Get Black Windows

Marvin Windows & Doors offers black across all of their product lines, Ultimate – sophisticated designer black interior with ebony clad exterior, Elevate and Essentials also offer black options. Infinity by Marvin offers an exterior ebony option.

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