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Residential installed sales only. The coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024, for the coupon to be valid.

Get 10% OFF Your Installation NOW

Valid for residential installed sales only. Coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024 for the coupon to be valid.

A consistent theme among customers looking at windows and doors for their remodeling projects is to profess that they want a modern look. After talking and showing them various products, we begin to understand what ‘a modern look’ actually means to most people.

What they’re usually describing is the desire for an up to date, fresh look that is fashionable. Although it’s very important when remodeling to stay true to the style of the home, there is a lot of latitude to replace windows and doors with products that will modernize your home.

Modern means fresh, clean lines and fashionable

Essentially, selecting modern windows and doors for your home means tapping into the current fashion looks, recent home ideas and new building products. Some of the key trends for 2017 in home windows and doors is the continued interest opening the indoors to the outdoors, larger windows with slimmer profiles and darker window sash and frame colors. Modern in this context means fresh, clean lines and fashionable.

For several years now, Marvin has offered expansive doors and continue to extend the look in their window product lines. For example, the Marvin Ultimate Casement and Awning as well as the Ultimate Replacement Casement and Awning, are available in sizes up to eight feet tall by four feet wide, like these beautiful black windows in the dining room above.

Industrial modern style

The Andersen website helps customers visualize the current Industrial Modern style. Andersen describes it as multiple window units arranged in rectangular or irregular groupings. Basically, simple forms arranged asymmetrically. If your project needs to be grounded in more classic design, you can achieve that modern feeling of open and non-symmetrical design by mixing different window and door styles in the same room, like the Andersen large awning wood finish windows next to the double bronze color gliding doors.

Sleek and minimal

Quaker residential products are showing sleek and minimalistic looks that invite the outside in. It’s common today in kitchen design to use fewer upper wall cabinets and add more kitchen windows to bring in more light and interest, like these black casements from Quaker.

If you’re remodeling and want that modern look that opens your home to more light, sleek lines and connects the inside to the outside. Focus on three design principles.

  • Invite the light by selecting larger windows with narrower frame and sash profiles.
  • Select taller and multi-panel glass doors that connect the inside to the outside.
  • Be bold and choose dark brown or black windows to obtain a sleeker look.

Remodeling? What is the modern look you’re after? Visit our showroom to see the latest looks in windows and doors.

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