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Replacing Windows. To Everything There Is A Season

Replacing Windows. To Everything There Is A Season

How do I know if my windows need to be replaced? It’s a question we get nearly every day and I must admit that when I hear that question a song plays in my head. The song goes something like this; to everything there is a season…a time for this and a time for that. That sentiment is indeed the best way to answer the question. Everything eventually wears out and is replaced with something else. In the case of windows that ‘something else’ is far and away better than what it is replacing.

Older homes often have extremely durable original wood windows that with regular maintenance and repair can last 100 years. On the other hand, homes built within the past 50-60 years usually require wood windows to be replaced around 20 years after installation. These wood windows are more prone to rotting primarily due to the fact the wood is not old growth and so not the hardwoods of yesteryear. Additionally, techniques such as finger joints and the environmental restrictions placed on paint ingredients, reduces the paint’s preservative and anti-microbial properties.

New materials

Replacing Windows. To Everything There Is A Season

Back to the song in my head, to everything there is a season and the season of amazing building materials is indisputably now. Today’s highly energy-efficient windows and design selection, cost-savings, comfort, aesthetics and easy maintenance are compelling reasons to replace old windows.

Improve comfort

It’s not necessary to replace the windows in your entire home in order to obtain the benefits of a quieter and more comfortable home. Keep in mind that windows can deteriorate much faster on one side of your home that has been exposed to sunlight, wind, rain and other weather conditions. Consider replacing all of the windows on one side of your home at the same time in order to ensure the exterior appearance is consistent.

Lower energy costs

Low E, you’ve probably heard this term a hundred times and still may not quite grasp its significance. Low E or low emissivity glass coatings used on modern windows has a huge impact on your wallet. The coating protects your furnishings from fading and deterioration caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays and it lowers your heating and cooling costs by deflecting unwanted heat gain or loss. Simply said, Low E glass reflects heat back to its source, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Low E coating is specified according to the climate where you live in order to have the maximum impact. Another reason to replace all of the windows on one side of your home at the same time is because Low-E windows will appear slightly darker than standard glass from the exterior view of the home.

Add ventilation

Consider replacing fixed units (windows that do not open) with operable windows that open in order to improve the airflow throughout your home. Awnings and hoppers are excellent replacements for fixed transoms or fixed bathroom windows. Replacing your old single-pane glass with today’s double or triple-pane glazing will significantly reduce heat loss and regulate heat gain making ventilation more important than ever.

Windows wear out and with the new building materials; there has never been a better time to replace your windows. For additional information about window replacement check out our website.

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