Multi-Slide Door? Visit our Showroom to see the Marvin Oversized Door.

There are somethings that you just have to see to appreciate their beauty, such as the Grand Canyon, the Tetons or a glacier lake. If you’re considering adding oversized patio doors to your home you really need to see our newly added four panel Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door and experience its simple beauty.

Drop in to our showroom to see first-hand the effortless glide of the door and the seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. Come see this 14’ wide by 10’ tall sliding door with a wood interior and gun metal clad exterior finish.

Multi-Slide Door? Visit our Showroom to see the Marvin Oversized Door.

Many Options to Choose From

There are a variety of oversized patio doors from several manufacturers to choose from. Woodland selected the Marvin multi-slide to display and compare with oversized doors from Andersen or Pella. Marvin offers three basic options, the Ultimate Multi-slide door, the Ultimate Lift and Slide door, and the Bi-Fold Door. Selecting the right door depends on your home’s layout and how you want to use the door. Multi-slide doors are versatile with multiple size options, for instance, lift and slide doors may give you a broader expanse of glass while folding doors may work best where a wider threshold track isn’t feasible. What’s important is to understand your options early in the planning stage in order to understand which product is best-suited for the opening under consideration.

Multi-Slide Door? Visit our Showroom to see the Marvin Oversized Door.

An Integral Part of the Home

In fact, we encourage homeowners, contractors and architects to select the right door at the earliest planning phase in order to prepare the opening as these doors aren’t installed the same way as other patio doors. People who want large openings to their patio, deck or sunroom want the doors to have minimal tracks, which interrupt the flow between the spaces. In order to deliver a seamless transition between the spaces, the threshold must be virtually level with the floor. With a recessed track, it’s vital that a water management system is part of the construction plan.

Having our new Marvin Multi-Slide door in the showroom gives homeowners and contractors the opportunity to see exactly how the door operates, the structural considerations and how the doors are finished to ensure optimal performance. Structural headers to support the doors weight, properly prepared lower thresholds for a seamless transition. Stacked or pocket door configurations are all part of the planning phase. Remember, how many doors you need determines your wall depth.

Get the Information You Need

Oversized doors are extremely popular because of the visual and functional impact they have in any home. If you’re contemplating adding one of these doors to your home, don’t leave decisions about these door systems until the last minute. Read our blog about oversized doors. Visit our showroom today and learn what you’ll need to prepare to install one of these beautiful doors in your home.

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