Construction Can Go On in Illinois

For those of you wondering why local builders are still on the job we thought you might find guidelines for Home Construction Deemed Essential interesting laid out so concisely by Bill Ward, EVP Home Builders Association of Illinois.

 Construction Can Go On in Illinois

In a nutshell, Ward says, within the Illinois “Stay at Home” order are a few exceptions for Essential Infrastructure. The list includes housing and commercial construction and included within the definition are material providers, subcontractors, and other services needed in the course of providing housing construction, repair, and remodeling. To read Bill’s complete article.

Construction Can Go On in Illinois

The fact is building professionals and their suppliers are taking all the necessary precautions of social distancing seriously by changing their daily routines with other trade partners on the job sites. As one Illinois builder, Nelson Builders informed their partners, “…it will not mean business as usual. We want to be responsible in our actions and make sure we are doing our part to limit the spread of the virus.” It’s quickly becoming common practice for every workplace still operating to stay clean, inspected, protected and crews scheduled for proper distancing.

At Woodland, we’re taking all necessary precautions while we’re busy supporting local builders as they do their best to keep their projects on track. The show must go on. Building doesn’t stop in Naperville, Wheeling, Wheaton and other towns. Everyone is trying to move forward wherever possible and Woodland is fortunate to be an industry partner to some terrific builders, architects and developers.

Construction Can Go On in Illinois

Anyone who’s ever been involved with a home improvement project, let alone a commercial building construction project knows what happens when deadlines slip.

Here in Illinois you’ll see your local trades out working and gratefully, Woodland Windows and Doors will continue to supply them with windows and doors.

Woodland’s homeowner customers can also keep their projects moving forward with eQuotes which are quotes by mail using exterior measurements.

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