A Guide to Replacing Windows to Add Natural Light and Views

Architects know that a secret to designing beautiful homes is to create spaces that direct the eye to a view. When you enter a home or a room that has been well designed there will be a focal point like a painting, or a glimpse into an adjoining room, or a high ceiling. The most coveted view of all is a view of the outdoors. Yet, we live in older homes, often devoid of views from most rooms.

A Guide to Replacing Windows to Add Natural Light and Views

When it’s time to replace the windows in your home be sure to create rooms with views. Take a close look at your home’s windows and doors. Do they look undersized or do your walls look barren without windows?

Although it’s very important when remodeling to stay true to the style of the home, there is a lot of latitude to replace windows and doors with products that will modernize your home.

Today, there are a wide selection of replacement windows and doors that will match your existing home while opening the space to wider views. Consider taller windows or 8’ doors, transoms above doorways or even adding windows to a windowless wall.

Adding Windows and Doors

One of the most significant improvements to older homes is to add windows to a windowless wall. It brings natural light into a room and expands the sense of the room with the new view to the outdoors. It’s a bold move to be sure, but again, it can completely change a space.

A Guide to Replacing Windows to Add Natural Light and Views

The more you understand your options, the better decisions you can make. Let’s say you want to make the window opening bigger to take in a beautiful view. If your window is in a non-masonry wall you can make changes fairly easily. If you’re remodeling, includes replacing the homes siding, you may have the option of using new construction windows in addition to replacement windows, to further increase your options.

Taller Windows and Doors

Replacing small vertical windows or standard six-foot patio doors with larger expanses of glass makes a room feel bigger because it draws the eye up. Don’t automatically assume it will substantially increase the cost of replacement if you change the size or location of your windows and doors. It may not be a substantial increase and the nominal added cost will likely pay dividends when you consider the benefits of opening up your views.

A Guide to Replacing Windows to Add Natural Light and Views

The problem you’ll likely run into is that most window replacement contractors will try to talk you out of replacing your existing windows or doors with anything other than what was there before. Their perspective is only natural. Remember the saying, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail? Most window replacement contractors aren’t carpenters, they’re window installers. They may not know how to verify the feasibility of replacing your window with a different size or they don’t have the carpentry skills to remodel the space.

A Guide to Replacing Your Windows and Doors

When you’re ready to replace, read this guide “Simplifying Window and Door Replacement” and consider some basic remodeling enhancements like enlarging or adding windows or doors. Talk with a replacement contractor who is familiar with all of the products available today that can enhance your home, not just replace your windows and doors with new models of basically the same thing. Talk with someone who has the experience and the knowhow to help you open your views and update your home.

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