Wood Windows – White or Natural?

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Valid for residential installed sales only. Coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024 for the coupon to be valid.

If you’re a fan of HGTV you most likely think that white is the only color for your home’s interior windows and trim. Then again, if you’re a fan of This Old House and love traditional and historic homes, you most likely think that natural wood is the more beautiful choice. Is one choice better than the other? It depends on the look you want to achieve and your existing window and trim color.

 Wood Windows - White or Natural?

White Windows Are Trending

There’s little debate among builders and remodelers that their customers want white windows and trim, so if you’re buying a new home you’ll more likely see white windows. Builders like white because it will go with any décor, make a room feel larger and frankly, will cost less than natural finished wood. Today, stock trim choices are plain and uninspiring making white paint a good finishing touch. Higher quality woods are required for a stained or natural finish. Likewise, you’ll want to select a high-quality wood trim if you want a natural stain, otherwise the wood’s imperfections will be magnified.

Many people choose white windows and trim because their house looks tired and they think it will brighten it up. It’s easier to paint your banged-up window sashes or window trim than to sand and restrain the finish. Don’t let people tell you that white looks less dated if you like natural wood. Old dingy white windows and sills look dated, the key to a fresh look is a fresh well maintained finish.

Wood Windows - White or Natural?

Natural Wood Windows Are Warm

Living in the Chicago Metro stained maple or oak trim is popular for this colder climate because it adds warmth to a home. Depending on the age of the home, natural trim has an inherent value to the house, like the original arts and crafts or Victorian, there is an aesthetic value and the quality of the wood makes a difference in these older homes. Add ornate trim and elaborate moldings often found in these homes and they’re made for natural wood windows and trim.

Homeowners and builders building new or remodeled homes designed to blend with their natural settings also choose stained interior trim as a way of adding warmth, texture and rustic charm.

Wood Windows - White or Natural?

Two Colors for Windows is Bold

Today’s window manufacturers give you the choice to have one color for the interior and a different color for the exterior to more closely match your home’s color palette. It’s very popular today to have bronze exterior windows with white or natural wood interiors. It’s also common to paint window sashes one color and use a second color for the trim and casing. Two colors allow your windows to pop as a character-defining feature of your home. If you decide to be bold and use two different colors or paint versus a natural stain to finish your windows, consult a window expert who can help you design your color scheme. Always paint the inside of the window casing the same color as the trim as it is all part of the window frame. The window sash can be one color and the entire window frame, casing and trim can be a second color.

There are many ways to get the look you want with the versatility of today’s window options. The best place to start is to look at window photo galleries available on Woodland’s website or window manufacturer’s websites like Marvin or Andersen to see the many window colors and stains that work best together.

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