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Wood Front Door Installation in Chicago

At Woodland Windows and Doors in Chicago, we understand the timeless appeal of wood front doors. Their natural beauty, warmth, and stylish designs have made them a favorite for homeowners seeking to make a lasting impression. Our collection features a variety of styles, all customizable to meet your specific needs.

However, Illinois’ diverse climate can pose challenges for wood doors. To offer the best of both worlds, we proudly recommend our fiberglass front doors. These doors perfectly mimic the rich grains and stains of real wood, providing the same aesthetic appeal with superior durability and low maintenance. 

With over 50 years in the business, we’ve become a trusted name in front-door installation, ensuring you receive the highest quality product suited for your home.

Why Choose Wood for Your Front Door?

Wood entry doors are often favored for their natural beauty and timeless appeal. They bring a warm, inviting presence to any home and are highly customizable to match your unique style. For enclosed, protected entryways, wood doors can be an excellent choice, providing a classic look that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

However, at Woodland Windows and Doors, we recognize the importance of durability and low maintenance, especially with Illinois’ often unpredictable weather patterns. That’s why we also recommend our wood-like fiberglass front doors. These doors not only replicate the rich textures and finishes of real wood but also offer superior resilience and energy efficiency. This means they can improve your home’s value while requiring less upkeep.

Whether you’re constructing a new home or replacing an existing door, our professionals are here to assist. Visit our showroom to explore our collection of wood entry doors and discover the benefits of our fiberglass alternatives. Let us help you find the perfect front door that combines beauty, durability, and efficiency.

Wood Door Design Options

Select from a number of wood door design options when you shop at Woodland Windows and Doors. Here’s what you can expect:

Range of Glass Options

Including laminated, decorative, and safety glass options, our wood & wood-like fiberglass doors have many glass options that you can choose from.

Door Styles of All Types

Do you prefer modern and minimal, or classic and traditional? Visit our showroom to check out our door styles and choose the best one for you.

Hardware and Accessories 

At Woodland, we know how important every single detail of your purchase is. That’s why we offer hardware and accessories in various styles and finishes.

Choosing Your Color and Finish

Finding the right color and finish for your door to coordinate with the color of your house can help express your unique personality and improve your home’s curb appeal. We even offer custom finishes, so you’ll always be sure to stand out. 

Request a Quote

Want to know more about installing new wood front doors or about replacing your existing door? Request a free quote from the professionals at Woodland Windows and Doors, servicing the Chicagoland area. 

Brands We Carry

At Woodland Windows and Doors, we’re all about our commitment to quality and style. That’s why we carry all the best brands including Marvin and Andersen doors and windows. Stop by our showroom and speak with one of our expert consultants, and see for yourself what these brands have to offer.

Glass Options for Your  Door

Adding glass to your front door can be a great way to add additional light to your entryway, however the glass you choose for your front door will impact how much your home is exposed to the outdoors. Decorative glass can give your home a unique look, while privacy glass can keep your home private.

Tell Us About Your Project

We want to know more about your wood door installation project. Stop in at our showroom to speak with our experts, or contact us to learn more about our wooden front doors. We’re here to help.

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