Winter is a Good Time to Replace Your Old Windows

Winter is a Good Time to Replace Your Old Windows

Tired of a cold house?
Tired of trying to heat a cold house?
Tired of winter already when it’s only January?

Old leaky windows can account for as much as 10-25% of the heat loss in your home, so why wait until Spring to replace your old windows. Leave the cold outside.

No gaping holes throughout the house.

Woodland’s installers work in teams replacing one window at a time. One installer works outside the window and one works inside. When ever possible, we close off each room we’re working in to reduce the amount of cold air flowing through the house. Each window takes about 30 minutes and many homes can be completed in one day.

Immediate difference in comfort.

The new windows are manufactured to 1/8″ of your window opening. Our installers then add insulation around your window frame and the windows once they are in place to maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners feel the immediate effects of new windows in their homes.

Update old painted windows with new finishes.

Woodland’s selection of stylish wood replacement windows from Marvin, Andersen and Pella means you can update the look of your windows. These new windows can be stained and varnished to the natural look of wood adding warmth and charm to your home. You may choose factory painted windows for the sleek and resilient finish of a contemporary look. Or maybe you want to match the current windows in your home – that’s possible too.

Schedule a free consultation.

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For 45 years, Woodland has made our customer’s lives a little easier because we worry about all the details for you. See what people say about Woodland installers.

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