What is Argon Gas and How Does if Impact Replacement Windows?

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Valid for residential installed sales only. Coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024 for the coupon to be valid.

What is argon gas and why is it commonly used in replacement windows? This is one of the most asked questions at our company. If you are wondering about it, you aren’t alone. This post is created to give a detailed answer about the question.

What is Argon Gas?

In a nutshell, argon gas is a colorless, non-toxic and odorless gas that is about seven times heavier than regular air. The gas in question is typically used as an air substitute in the middle of the glass panes in order to prevent temperature fluctuations. Thus, argon gas is used to enhance the efficiency of replacement windows.

Argon gas performs better when used in colder areas. Argon replacement windows are specially designed to reduce the window’s U-Value. The U-Value is generated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and is a certified and proven thermal rating. The U-Value simply indicates how effective a window is during cold climates. Most of the testing standards for U-Value begin from zero degrees. Those who live in cold places know the importance of argon gas replacement windows. Argon is also economical and energy saving, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners.

As said before, argon is heavier than a normal air. Inert gases, as we all know, are made up of inactive molecules. This means they do not move easily. Having passive argon gas between window panes makes it harder, if not impossible, for the hot indoor air to pass through the glasses to the frostier outside environment. In other words, the warm air from the house is prevented from escaping outside during the winter season. As a result, homeowners will end up saving a great deal of money on heating costs.

Advantages of Argon Gas Windows

  • Enhances the soundproofing features
  • Offer higher U-Values
  • Reduces heat transfer through the window
  • Minimizes the chances of frost and condensation
  • Argon gas windows are fairly versatile, as they can be used in all seasons
  • The window has the ability to prevent UV-Rays
  • The higher purchasing cost of argon windows will be eventually recovered within a very short time
  • Comes in a variety of styles and sizes to choose from
  • By installing argon gas replacement windows, your cooling & heating units will perform more efficiently, as well
  • Argon is not susceptible to corrosion

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