Versetta Stone and Insulated Vinyl Siding Transforms this Old House

Nothing lasts forever and that includes siding. When the day comes that your old siding makes your home look tired and dated, don’t just replace your existing siding, instead, with a little creativity you can transform your old house into a neighborhood gem. How can you transform your home and budget for the cost of the project?

Versetta Stone and Insulated Vinyl Siding Transforms this Old House

Mix and Match

Today exterior home facades incorporate the many beautiful materials available on the market, mixing and matching materials to create a unique look. Choose from contemporary dark bold colors. If your home’s siding covers the entire wall of the house, why not break up the monotony and add interest with a second color or a different siding style? Better yet, why not add elegance with a stone veneer?

Upgrading to Insulated Siding

Insulated vinyl siding from Alside Prodigy® or Craneboard® feature contoured form that provides support to the siding panel allowing for longer, wider and flatter profiles than before. The foam backing also strengthens the material making it more resistant to storm damage. Although you can apply less expensive insulation to your walls behind non-insulated vinyl siding, you won’t see the added benefits that insulated vinyl siding offers.

Similar to blown in insulation, insulated vinyl siding provides R-value (capacity to resist heat) for improved energy efficiency.

Versetta Stone and Insulated Vinyl Siding Transforms this Old House

Adding Manufactured Stone

Versetta Stone is a veneer that gives the look of traditional stone. It is made from mortar-less panels designed for quick and easy installation using mechanical fasteners. According to the annual Remodeling Cost vs. Value report, in 2018 materials such as Boral Versetta Stone accounted for a 97.1% payback on investment at resale nationally. For remodelers and homeowners looking to update the look of the home and to maximize return on investment, manufactured stone veneer is a good choice. Manufactured stone comes with finishing pieces like sills, corners and an address block, everything needed to complete the look.

A Word About Cost

How much will it cost to update your home’s exterior? The cost depends on a multitude of factors, which a good contractor can identify. To understand what these factors are you can begin by looking at the 2018 average installed cost of insulated vinyl siding or versetta stone by your zip code. According to the cost estimator, the average per square foot cost for a premium insulated vinyl siding project is $7.20 in Roselle (60172), Wheaton (60187), or Schaumberg (60143). It’s a good idea to budget about 15% more and remember that your project might fall outside this range depending on the location and size of your home, the number of windows and doors that must be worked around, the colors selected, and which accent trim is used.

You can also find some good information to help you budget the versetta stone veneer to your project. Figuring for a premium grade of stone, insulation and complete insulation costs, one useful source estimates $51.54 per square foot. Again, a good contractor can help you identify all the costs associated with your project and help you make the tradeoffs to accommodate your budget.

When it’s time to replace that tired old siding, remember to use your imagination to transform the exterior of your home.

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