Types of Replacement Windows—Partial vs. Full Replacement

If your windows are damaged, peeling or just plain old, replacing them can help you give your home a new look and feel. Replacement windows are available in different styles and materials including aluminum, wood, vinyl, and wood. There are actually two main types of replacement windows available: partial window replacement and full replacement.

Full Window Replacement

If you are performing extensive remodeling work, then you need to go for a full window replacement. After a full window is installed, new items fit in the new window as well, from the glass to the window frame. A full window replacement may also be required when you change the positioning or the size of the current window or when a window frame is completely rotten.

Full replacement windows such as Andersen emulate new construction installations. The whole sash and window frame are removed for a greater glass viewing area and superior operation. Whether it is a casement, specialty, awning or a double-hung window, you will find it easier and more economical to find the appropriate window for your replacement or remodeling project. Select from a wide range of full replacement window designs, styles, along with both standard and custom sizing options to suit your needs.

A full window replacement actually saves money and time. It may take you only five to ten minutes to install a pre-assembled replacement window. It doesn’t need cutting, measuring, filling nail holes or mitering while offering an excellent finish.

Partial Window Replacement

If the window to be replaced is a double-hung one and the window frame is in perfect condition, a partial window replacement could be the best choice. A partial window replacement, also known as sash replacement, is used when at least one section of the double-hung glass of a window is defective and needs to be substituted.

Sash replacement windows are quite complex in terms of design and may cost a little more to repair. However, they are easy to clean and maintain. Also, most of them have high energy efficiency ratings and add to the traditional curb appeal of a home. 

Although it is not an easy job to decide on whether to have a partial or full window replacement, getting advice from the experts can benefit you a lot. Finding the right answer can take quite a lot of research and homework because you don’t want to make an uneducated decision.

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