Styles of Sunrooms – Depend on Functionality

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 Styles of Sunrooms - Depend on Functionality

Adding a sunroom is not unlike deciding to build an addition to your home. In both cases, it’s a financial commitment, which promises a significant return by adding additional space that improves the quality of yours and your family’s life. With so much at stake, how do you choose the right style, the right products and the right installation company?

Style and function

Start by deciding what will be the function of your sunroom. Do you need more space? Are you trying to connect your indoor living to outdoor living? Or do you want access to more natural light in your home? Maybe you want the sunroom to match your home so closely that it looks like the original construction? Your goal begins the discussion about the type of sunroom you’ll need in both style and function. Woodland Exterior sunrooms integrate every product component to create the exact room that delivers the function you specified.In other words, if you need more space, the design can optimize the footprint. If you are connecting your interior space to the outdoors, select the right energy efficient products to minimize temperature impacts to the rest of your home. If you are wanting more natural light in your home environment, the design should identify the best orientation and windows to maximize light. And matching your home’s appearance is accomplished by selecting an installation company with custom design experience and a team of installers who are craftsmen.

Styles of Sunrooms - Depend on Functionality

Woodland Exteriors sunrooms come in all different styles either an all season sunroom or a three season sunroom. Chose from a custom built or component built. Component built, whether all season or three season use the same basic product components and the all season sunroom specifications call for additional energy performance components. Learn more about custom built traditional sunrooms.

Component Products

  • The InsulGlaze 450 window is 7/8” dual pane argon filled window. Low E glass reduces both heating and cooling costs and a non-metallic foam spacer reduces condensation.
  • Glass performance measures include; a center of the glass R Value of 4, a whole product NFRC U Factor score of .28, and a SHGC of .29.
  • Window insulation uses EnviroTherm injection foam filled polyurethane insulation in the multi-chamber uPVC frame and triple weather stripping.
  • Wall panels are made of high strength aluminum extrusions, foam filled, thermally enhanced and dent resistant knee walls.
  • Insulated composite roof with batten system construction add additional energy efficiency and strength. Even the weight of six feet of snow wouldn’t damage the roof panels.
  • Almost limitless choice of custom colors to match the siding and trim of your home.


  • Custom design and custom built to exacting tolerances, and engineered from top to bottom.
  • Built on a concrete slab or existing deck as the base of your sunroom – little to no excavation or disruption of your landscaping or home is necessary.
  • Woodland sunrooms are built to last with a lifetime limited warranty. 

There are a lot of choices in the marketplace for sunrooms, making the decision to buy one confusing and time consuming. Several years ago, when Woodland Exteriors decided to add sunrooms to our product offerings our decision was based on two things. First, there was Woodland Exterior’s installation core competency and second, our product supplier’s top quality sunrooms. The combination allowed Woodland Exteriors to source the best quality products and to guarantee top flight installation. The result has been a steady stream of customers visiting Woodland Exteriors sunroom showroom and an ever growing list of very happy sunroom owners. There are a lot of choices of sunrooms in the market, so be sure to choose the one with unmatched functionality. Woodland designs and builds sunrooms for functionality.

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