Replacing Your Windows? Review the Advantages of Fiberglass.

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Replacing Your Windows? Review the Advantages of Fiberglass.

In last weeks post our aim was to sort out the confusing world of replacement windows.  Customers come into our showroom often confused because of all the erroneous information out there.  Our blog post focused on the advantages of clad-wood replacement windows, which most people consider the premium choice. Like the word premium means, homeowners who select clad-wood elect to pay a little extra for features they deem essential or aesthetically valuable. Fiberglass or composite replacement windows can offer a worthy budget alternative to clad-wood.

What is essential or aesthetically enhancing for one home, may not apply to another because homes and lifestyles differ. The two primary differences between clad-wood and fiberglass or composite replacement windows, are price and options. Wood-clad is more expensive than fiberglass or composite and may offer options that more closely suit your existing home. Still, what comes as a surprise to most people is that fiberglass or composite windows offer several options as well, like a wood interior for example or multiple paint finishes. Fiberglass or composite is the newest replacement window material to come on the scene at a price between clad-wood and vinyl.

All replacement windows categorized as either fiberglass or composite are not created equal however. One of the challenges when comparing these windows is that composites are not all-alike making it difficult to compare apples to apples. The make-up of the frame will differ considerably between manufacturers and models further confusing things. You’ll find any number of descriptions such as, a mix of wood sawdust or fibers and extruded PVC or thermoplastic polymer. You may encounter descriptions like, chemically bonded blends of wood and plastic resins or a blend of wood chips and recycled plastic.

Although the make-up of Fiberglass is simpler to understand, products can vary in strength and durability depending on the manufacturing process used to produce the window.

Generally speaking, Fiberglass scores higher for energy efficiency than composites, it is less bulky allowing more viewable glass openings, and it’s been on the market longer with a proven track record for performance.

Marvin makes a fiberglass replacement window that exceeds the standards of most fiberglass or composite windows on the market today. Infinity windows are made with Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass patented by Marvin that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other fiberglass composites. Marvin pioneered the fiberglass window category 20 years ago and has led the category ever since improving its product for a tough, long lasting and worry-free experience.

Pella Imprevia is a fiberglass, Duracast® replacement window that is competitively priced. Although it’s available in multiple window styles, unlike Marvin Infinity, it is only available in fiberglass interior and exterior.

Fibrex Andersen 100 series is a nicely priced composite, which outperforms vinyl on most criteria.

To summarize, Marvin Infinity compares favorably to clad-wood for customers who want a maintenance free product and find a suitable window for their style home. It outperforms other products in the fiberglass or composite category in every way, durability, energy efficiency and design options. Stop into our showroom and compare for yourself because Woodland Windows and Doors offers a broad selection to give you the choice.

Our advice is that you get a quote for the basic replacement windows, because that will give you the budget for the necessities. Trying to juggle a matrix of options in your head can be overwhelming. Our quote will enable you to see all of the available options for the product you’ve selected. Take the quote home and add features of value to you. When you’re ready Woodland will be there.

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