Replacement windows for Condominium, Townhouse or a Development in Chicago

Replacement windows for Condominium, Townhouse or a Development in Chicago

If your windows are in need of replacement and your house, condo, townhouse or apartment is part of a homeowners’ association (HOA) there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

An HOA will typically have a set of documents governing repairs, upgrades or modifications made to your residence. These are the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions known as the CC&Rs. Be sure to read these documents for specifications related to replacing your windows. Using these guidelines, will save you headaches in the long run.The section of the CC&R pertaining to windows will likely designate window replacement as the homeowner’s responsibility and require you to file an Architectural Variance Request for approval of your replacement project. The HOA will typically specify the color choices, glass, and window configurations. Some associations will recommend specific windows and installers as well. Once you are clear about your options and you’re ready to select your windows, there are three key considerations for replacing windows when you live in a common interest development (CID).

Energy Efficient

Replacement windows for Condominium, Townhouse or a Development in Chicago

Technological advances mean that your new windows will outperform your old windows for comfort and energy efficiency. Whether your HOA specifies energy efficient windows or not, you’ll want to include this on your list of key features. Select the right window frame material and glass to maximize efficiencies depending on which direction your windows face, for example, east facing windows can benefit from the morning sun, while west facing windows may need to reduce the amount of light absorbed by the window. 


ProfileIt’s important to maintain the exterior uniformity of your windows to match the other residences in the community. Select new windows that look similar to your original windows, otherwise your windows will detract from the appearance of the rest of the community. Different manufacturers or different window materials result in different profiles, so pay close attention to this aspect of your window selection.

Type of Replacement 

Replacement windows for Condominium, Townhouse or a Development in Chicago

Full Window Replacement

There are two options for replacing windows that depend on your project. 

If you are performing extensive remodeling work, then you need to go for a full window replacement. A full window replacement may also be required when you change the positioning or the size of the current window or when a window frame is completely rotten.

 Full replacement windows, such as Andersen emulate new construction installations. The whole sash and window frame are removed for a greater glass viewing area and superior operation. Whether it is a casement, specialty, awning or a double-hung window, you will find it easier and more economical to find the appropriate window for your replacement or remodeling project. 

A full window replacement actually saves money and time. It may take you only five to ten minutes to install a pre-assembled replacement window. It doesn’t need cutting, measuring, filling nail holes or mitering while offering an excellent finish. 

Partial Window Replacement

If the window to be replaced is a double-hung and the window frame is in perfect condition, a partial window replacement could be the best choice. A partial window replacement, also known as sash replacement, is used when at least one section of the double-hung glass of a window is defective and needs to be substituted. 

Sash replacement windows are quite complex in terms of design and may cost a little more to repair, but the windows usually cost less than a full window replacement.

New windows look beautiful and are a huge improvement to your home’s comfort – be the envy of your community!

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