Replacement Window Divided Lite Options

Architectural detail defines a home and selecting the right window grilles or grids expands the character of your home. The grille pattern on these Marvin casement windows located in a small laundry room allows the eye to move between the outdoor scenery and back to the simple wood detailing on the window glass that creates a warm feeling in the room. The designer boldly mixed window grille patterns on these side-by-side windows in order to accommodate a narrow window. The result is aesthetically just right.

Replacement Window Divided Lite Options

The look is achieved using divided lite patterns on your windows and doors. Today decorative grids come in any number of designs. You can capture a historic replacement design to match your original windows, choose from classic styles like colonial, farm or craftsman, or create a tasteful unique look with the assortment of choices.

Windows are such a prominent feature defining a home that by choosing the wrong window styles you can actually detract from what would otherwise be a beautiful home. Something as small as a grille pattern can affect the appearance of a home because they establish a sense of scale for the building. Therefore, let the design and window professionals guide your choice as you explore these fresh looks such as the Quaker windows in the room below.

Replacement Window Divided Lite Options

While different brands offer variations, there are three basic divided lite options. One: True divided lite (TDL), has multiple panes of glass separated muntins (the bars that create a grille pattern). Found in historical homes, these are rarely selected today due to cost and the availability of simulated looks. The simulated choices can even mimic the natural architectural shadow effects of the TDL glass.

Two: Simulated divided lite (SDL), exterior. Permanent or removable (depending on the manufacturer) grilles attached to the interior (optional exterior may be available). The designs are made to mimic TDLs.

Three: SDLs between the glass. The grilles are fastened to the interior of the glass sash to create the effect of divided light. The muntins can be formed into most grid styles including contoured or flat designs. This choice makes the inside and outside of your windows particularly easy to clean. The downside of this choice is that the muntin casts no shadow and so the division of the window sash into lights can’t be seen.

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