Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors for Gorgeous Condominium

Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors for Gorgeous Condominium

Leave it to the owners of this gorgeous downtown Chicago condominium to select Marvin Integrity ‘ebony’ finish for their new windows and doors. Their choice of sleek casements, awnings and an expansive patio door system, all contemporary looks, gives the individual units and the building a fresh look.

It’s a major decision for a condominium association to upgrade their entire building’s windows and doors. When the owners of this five-story, eight-unit building decided it was time to replace the original builder grade windows, they also wanted to improve their living environments.  They wanted a high-quality product that met their design goals and met their budget.

Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors for Gorgeous Condominium

Working closely with a window and door multi-family specialist, they set out to replace 69 window openings and 13 door openings. They selected Marvin Integrity Wood-Ultrex products that would satisfy multiple goals. The new windows and doors must closely match the existing building façade, reduce maintenance, improve energy performance, add ventilation and lower the noise.

Stylish Black Windows

The original windows and doors were black on the exterior, which they wanted to match but without the maintenance requirements. The unique performance characteristics of the Marvin Integrity Ultrex fiberglass exterior allow darker finishes like ebony to look flawless for decades. The finish, including exceptional UV protection won’t chalk or fade and resists scratching and marring. These dramatic black windows give this beautiful condominium building a rich finish.

Better Ventilation

One of the design goals for this replacement project was to improve ventilation in the eight units. To accomplish this, the homeowners replaced the existing transom over casement configurations with full casements providing more ventilation. Master bedroom awning windows were also selected for their venting feature.

Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors for Gorgeous Condominium

Sound Abatement

Urban living is fast-paced, exciting and can be noisy. Their condominium building sits in a popular city neighborhood near shops, restaurants, the L-train and parks. The homeowners selected a special Sound Transmission Class (STC) glazing for the windows and doors. STC measures how well the window blocks sound waves. Integrity offers a 3.1 mm (1/8”) /4.7 mm (3/16”) variable thickness glass upgrade help to reduce noise infiltration. The key is to disrupt the sound waves as they pass through the window, which is done by using different glass thicknesses in order to create different vibrations that deflect sound waves. The installer also specified a high-quality weather-stripping system for added noise insulation.

Long Range Improvements

Another goal for this project was to put the building in better operating condition and improve the living space of the eight separate units. A number of enhancements were made such as replacing old hinged patio doors with sliding French doors, which takes up valuable interior room space than the old inswing door. The homeowners also opted for the cleaner profile of full casement windows to replace the builder’s standard window combination of transom and casement. This improved the air flow in the owner’s units and enhanced the building’s façade. The new windows and doors are also a significantly higher quality than the original units they were replacing, both upgrading the quality and improving the life of the property.

Marvin Integrity wood-Ultrex is a perfect solution for a gorgeous building like this one. The hardy fiberglass exterior was an improvement on the old aluminum exterior and the ebony finish perfectly matches the previous color of the windows, doors, and balconies. The project has wood white interiors, 7/8” colonial grilles with Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and Low E2 with Argon glazing.

The project was completed in Fall 2018.

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