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Lighten Up Your Winter This Year

Lighten Up Your Winter This Year

After last year’s winter, the very thought that winter is coming evokes dread in most Illinoisans. Rain, snow and ice are tough, especially in record cold. Did you know that last December the average daily low temperature was 18˚F? For many people, gray skies that deprive them of natural light are the real scrooge.  In December 2013 81% of days were cloudy, including one long spell of cloudy weather lasting 11 consecutive days. Winter’s hard and it is a season when you don’t get enough light, so why not add light to your home and brighten your spirits this winter?

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a snowbird and escaping to Florida, or if you’ve imagined a brighter future for yourself living in the southern hemisphere, then you’re still rational. If you think this winter is going to be different than prior winters – we won’t mention last winter – you are becoming irrational.

If either state describes you, consider the words of the American painter, Walter Andersen, “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” It’s November, you’ve got time to quiet your anxiety and take action to make a change before old man winter robs you of your cheery disposition. 

Lighten Up Your Winter This Year

Have you ever heard the term daylighting? Daylighting refers to the practice of placing windows and reflective surfaces so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting. If you maximize the amount of light that enters your home, your visual comfort will increase and you’ll also reduce the use of electric lights, saving you money. So what can you do to apply the principles of daylighting in your existing home and do so before winter?  

There are multiple ways to achieve this affect, including adding windows to your home, lowering, raising, or enlarging a window, or adding skylights to light interior spaces.

Skylights or roof windows can be placed into a roof, either sloped or horizontal and are designed to provide daylighting and ventilation. Today’s skylights are made from dual pane, triple-coated with Lo-E3 dual-sealed glass providing you with energy efficiency and comfort. And Velux glass coating is designed to keep the glass clean, giving you a better view. Properly positioned skylights can be installed to avoid admitting direct sun on task surfaces or into your eyes by bouncing the light off white walls or adding appropriate climate controls to balance emitted light throughout the day. Basically, it is transmitting light where there was no light before – emitting natural light – and happiness – during those dark days of winter.

Velux skylights and roof windows can take the darkest room and brighten it while eliminating the harsh color shifts of incandescent and florescent lighting and reduce your winter electric bills. Adding skylights allows the full light spectrum or natural light to enter your room and the effect that has on you physically, emotionally and psychologically is well documented. Available in multiple designs, Velux can accommodate multiple rooflines and the flat design provides a sleek look. Depending on your needs, skylights also come as fixed with a wood frame or vented models with either a manual rod for opening and closing or a solar powered remote option. If you’re interested in factory installed blinds complete with a built in solar panel power source, you’ll be able to control the amount of light you want and may qualify for a 30% Federal tax credit.

What spaces can you improve in your home by adding more natural light, your kitchen, the breakfast nook or maybe, your favorite corner near the fireplace? Can you imagine yourself enjoying natural light brightening up any of these spaces in your home? Last December the average daily low temperature was 18ºF. Winter is just around the corner. If you don’t want to relive the winter of 2013 why not make a change, take action and check out Velux skylights and roof windows before winter arrives at your house?

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