Learn Which is the Better Option for You: Full Replacement Window vs. Partial Replacement Windows

Is a full replacement window better than a partial window replacement? This post is intended to shed some light on this great question. If you are planning to add some new windows to your home, and are still undecided about which option to choose, read on and learn more.

Full Window Replacement

A full window replacement also known as a full window installation, which involves removing the whole existing window, including the frame and replacing it with new components. In other words, full replacements involve doing away with the entire window, frame, molding, and so forth.

Benefits of Full Replacement Windows

It appears that full replacement window has more advantages than partial replacement windows in many ways. Many homeowners are often advised to opt for full frame replacement windows when:

The old frame is deteriorated or damaged beyond repair.They want to capitalize on energy efficiency by installing efficient replacement windows. 

There are a number of reasons to go for full-frame replacement windows. To begin with, this technique replaces the outdated window frame with something that can add curb appeal to your home. With full-frame replacement windows, all the mold and rotting problems will be taken care of. This can help to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Also, new window-frames are well insulated between the rough opening and the frames. For this reason, full replacement windows will save more energy; thus, reducing the burden of costly heating and cooling bills.

Cons of Full Replacement

More time and labor intensive to installDepending on the window’s size, there might be a need to replace window treatments inside the home.

Partial Replacement Windows

This approach involves removing the old sash and replacing it with a new one. The existing window frame is not removed because it is still in good condition. However, partial window replacement is only advised if the existing window frame is rot-free, in good shape, and is strong.

Advantages of Partial Replacement Windows

There are a number of reasons to choose partial window replacement over full frame replacement. For example, there isn’t any much work needed to install the window, which may help to save you money. Also, there is no need for expensive window treatments such as duct mastic, sealants, weather-stripping, and so on.

Cons of Partial Replacement

Some contractors may install these over rotten frames, resulting in future costly repairs.With partial replacement, it isn’t possible to upgrade the insulation of existing frames, resulting in less energy efficient windows.  Aesthetically speaking, it may look like the windows have not gained any significant improvements. Thus, older homes may not benefit much from partial windows replacement.If the existing window frame is damaged, leaks, or is not fitted properly, you will not get the most out of partial frame replacement.

Whether you opt for a full replacement window or partial replacement window, the important thing is to make sure your windows are energy efficient. 

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