Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Systems

Gutter systems are an important part of any home. If your gutters are wearing out, the best time to replace is when you have a new roof put on your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Systems

Most homes in the Chicago area have rain gutter systems. They are designed to control the flow of rainwater by channeling it away from the home. Gutters are meant to protect the home’s fascia, foundation, roof, and siding from water damage. Moreover, they control landscape erosion and prevent basement flooding. They are very essential for any home.

Gutter systems come in two main shapes: the half round style and K-Style (an open rectangle).  Half round gutters have a curdled top surface edge. Half round gutters are often fitted with a peg support across the top. There is also a threaded rod that curves to the roof’s angle and is attached in place beneath the shingles. K-Style gutters have flat surfaces and are usually fixed into the fascia board. 

Gutters are available in a variety of styles, designs, finishes and colors. They are made of a wide range of materials, such as lead-coated, vinyl, galvanized aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, aluminum, copper, and painted steel. Gutter systems can be purchased in different thicknesses to provide for varying construction needs.

It is important to keep your gutter system in good shape and free from debris, such as leaves that interfere with the removal of excess melted snow and rainwater. Tree limbs, snow, ice, squirrels and other factors can pull your gutters away from your house’s fascia board or even damage them completely. Accumulation of debris can cause water to leak between the siding layers or into the attic of your home. Consider adding gutter guards to protect and reduce maintenance.

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Systems

The perfect time to inspect your gutters for issues is during summer or spring. You can spray water on the roof of your house and then watch for signs of leaks and other issues. Alternatively, wait for a heavy rainfall and then go outside to see whether the water is flowing correctly or not.

To get the most out of your gutters, ensure that they are properly maintained. Make sure that there are no tree limbs hanging over your roof. Some trees tend to shed their leaves all year long, so clean the roof with an air blower or soft broom. Repair the gutters whenever they are loose so that all the downspouts are channeled into the drainage system. Everyone needs a gutter system to help reduce moisture and water damage to their valuable home. 

Gutters are crucial, especially in areas with wetter climates. So make sure you have properly functioning gutters. When you’re ready to replace your old gutters >consult a professional.

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