Entry Doors – The Contemporary Look

Entry Doors - The Contemporary Look

You say modern, I say contemporary and some say industrial to describe today’s contemporary home style. Contemporary means todays style and todays style is indeed a cross of modern and industrial, so we’re all right.If you’re building a contemporary style home or remodeling your existing home and want an up to date look, remember the entry door is a key element of the design. The right contemporary door screams, look at me, I stand out from the crowd.The contemporary look strives to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, so it’s common to use glass, tall or wider openings for the entry door design. Modern and industrial style eliminates ornamentation or excessive detailing, so that doors without panels and are likely to be flush with plain facings on both the inside and outside door frames. This bold simplicity can be achieved in multiple ways by following some simple principles of contemporary door design. 

Taller and Wider

Contemporary entry doors are commonly taller and wider than ordinary doors, creating a sleek profile that seamlessly blends into the home’s design. An example of these sleek profiles are pivot door systems like the Jeld Wen example shown in the photo. These doors are designed to handle the weight of taller and wider entry doors. The weight of the door is carried at the top and bottom rather than on traditional hinged jambs. The effect of what appears to be a floating door is dramatic. The taller and wider effect is also achieved using overhead transoms and sidelites.

Thinner Profiles

Entry Doors - The Contemporary Look

Strong clean lines define the sash, casings or trim giving the door a crisp look. Today’s French entry doors, by Marvin and Andersen offer thinner profiles and contemporary finishes. Contemporary homes are designed to connect the outdoors with the indoors by using fewer interior walls to create uninterrupted views. Designers frequently specify glass doors in order to optimize the views and connections between the interior and exterior. For privacy, consider translucent glass such as textured or frosted to still allow natural light into your home. 

Industrial Design

Mixing materials like wood, aluminum, steel, utility hardware and color to create an industrial design can create a powerful look. For instance, use an aluminum frame with a wood or painted steel door to create contrast. Or use industrial grade hardware to make a bold statement. Industrial design is the art and craft of selecting products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance – it’s key to achieving the look of a contemporary style entry door.When you’re ready to remodel or build your contemporary style home, Woodland can help you create the look without breaking the budget. Bring your dream and we’ll show you how to achieve it.

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