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Entry and Patio Doors – 3 Trends to Follow

The title for this blog post should be ‘Reimagining Doors’, but the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would more quickly find our blog with something more direct. For the better part of our collective memory there has been a slow evolution of door styles from very expensive crafted wood doors, painted steel utility style doors, sliding glass patio doors and composites that mimic wood doors. While we were sleeping, designers and manufacturers began reimagining doors as expressions of lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a new front door or patio door you’re about to experience a revolution in door design.

 Entry and Patio Doors – 3 Trends to Follow

The three door trends we’re witnessing are, homeowners wanting better and remote security, connecting the interior with the exterior, and selecting a colorful entry door to create a personal statement and focal point. If you’re looking for a new door, there is no better time to be able to personalize and customize the exact door you’ll love.

Indoors with the Outdoors Connect

Oversized doors came onto the scene several years ago and we’ve all seen the beautiful images of homes opened up to ocean view patios or lake vistas and the trend is catching hold all over the country. The trend toward smaller homes is prompting homeowners to reimagine their doors in order to extend their living spaces. Many homeowners are foregoing the living room in favor of an open floorplan that includes the family room and kitchen combination. This floorplan begs to be connected to the outdoor patio, deck or porch. Before the advent of energy efficient glass, patio doors were modest sizes to conserve heat by reducing the amount of glass in the room. Today these doors come in all sizes to suit any home. Marvin has been a leader in designing a lift and slide, bi-fold and other oversize door profiles with customizable sizes. Their latest introduction, Marvin Clad Ultimate Bi-Fold Door is part of their Scenic Door Collection, which is reimagining where the home ends and the outside begins.

Entry and Patio Doors – 3 Trends to Follow

Security Sensors Built in

Remember when adding a security system in your home meant attaching an unsightly sensor to the edge of every window and door? Now companies like Pella, among others, are reimagining home security and offering an option of built in sensors without detracting from a home’s beauty. The Insynctive technology is available in Pella’s Designer Series patio doors and Pella entry doors. The product allows you to monitor your doors while at home or you can buy a compatible home automation system and a smart device to monitor your home while away.

Entry and Patio Doors – 3 Trends to Follow

Bright Colors Redefine Nature 

When we think of a natural color pallet we tend to think of neutrals, but don’t forget that flowers, a sunrise, a sunset, birds and sea creatures are nature, which come in all sorts of bright colors.  For multiple years, homeowners are choosing natural color tones for their home’s exteriors, to be one with nature. Increasingly, a new trend points to homeowners’ choosing bright colored entry doors giving the door the authentic stamp of their favorite color or creating a focal point using the season’s hottest color. Therma-Tru® paintable doors such as Classic Craft®, Canvas Collection®, Smooth-Star® and Pulse® are the perfect choice for people who want a colorful door. Check out Therma Tru 2017 Door Color Trends.

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