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Get 10% OFF Your Installation NOW

Valid for residential installed sales only. Coupon applies to new proposals only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by June 30th, 2024 for the coupon to be valid.

Painted Door with White Trim in Huntley, IL

Get the look you want; paints and stains are the final touches of your project. When it comes time to select the finishes for your project, come prepared to make some key design choices about mixing and matching your windows, doors, and trim finishes. Customizing your color choices will make a big difference in the outcome of your project. You needn’t default to the factory selected colors from the manufacturers, nor do you have to settle for matching your existing trim color. You actually have multiple options to “bring it in”, just the way you imagined your home could look.

Your first decision is stain or paint.

If you are keeping your original trim and need to cover up blemishes, discoloration, or other problems with the wood, paint may be the right answer. If you want to highlight the wood door or trim and its natural beauty, stain may be the way to go. Additionally, you can opt to mix and match paint and stain.

Keep in mind when selecting staining that each stain will look different on different wood species. The number of coats applied, the quality of the stain, as well as the way to apply them can also give a difference. Always insist on a test sample before you make a final decision.

Stained Doors with White Trim in St. Charles, IL

Can you have stained doors with painted trim?

Yes, stained doors with painted trim like this white trimmed door look great. You can also have painted doors with stained trim or stained doors with stained trim. Whatever option you may be considering, Woodland’s experts can guide you and show you multiple samples. Part of Woodland’s services, or what we call “The Woodland Way“, includes design ideas personalized to your project including exploring your many finish options.

White is the trim color that is often chosen by many designers and homeowners because white is the most neutral paint color that you can pair easily with any stain for the door. White also reflects light when used in interior design. Choosing white paint for the door trims, you can get a brighter and more open look. Increasing in popularity are black trims, which gives a bold appearance, and a framing affect is achieved. Black trim paired with a dark wood stain is a sharp combination.

If you’re looking for a French country or farmhouse look, choosing to have stained doors with white trim will achieve the look you’re after. The stained doors give the feel of rich history, while the white trim freshens the home’s newly updated look. You’ll have a rich assortment of stains to choose from depending on the type of wood your door is made from. Different woods, like birch, mahogany or oak for example absorb stains differently allowing you to finish it to your taste. Likewise, different shades of white will make a big difference to the finished look. Pay attention to the surrounding walls, like the warm brick in this picture, perfectly complements the warm tones of the wood stain and the warm white trim. How do the elements come together? Use color swatches to study the undertones in each color choice and be sure to test their compatibility in natural sunlight, shade and indoor light.

Painted Door with White Trim in Inverness, IL

White trim is a tried-and-true winner for this updated home. The new black entry door with sidelights and white trim is the perfect fresh look for the white brick façade of the home.

It’s common to see newer built homes have interior doors pointed white, with white trim and baseboards to match. What if like these homeowners, you want the bold look of a black door or  you want to replace your old white door with an old-fashioned farmhouse look. Or maybe you’re ready to replace your white windows with black or bronze contemporary look. Whatever fresh makeover you’re looking for you have the option to use a neutral contrasting trim to compliment your new windows or doors.

Can you have all stained trim and doors?

When selecting a complete entry door system like these beautiful new doors with sidelights in a stained finish, finishing the entire trim with the matching wood stain is an elegant choice. To tie the new entrance with the rest of the home’s trim, one home used a dark contrasting stain for the trim. A variation of this look is to pair black with dark brown, which is bold and elegant. Black works best when the stain color is selected from the range between medium to dark brown.

Stained Doors and Trim in Geneva, IL
Stained Door and Trim in Bartlett, IL

Woodland Pre-Finishing Services

For over 45 years Woodland has been creating custom matched and stained woodwork for new construction and replacement projects for customers who need a specific color or need to specifically match windows, doors, frames, or trim.  the increasing demand for custom color staining prompted us to invest in building a controlled environment for finishing windows and doors.

Woodland Pre-Finishing Services

In 2007 we opened Woodland’s 14,000 SQ FT Finishing Facility to allow us to control the finishing process from beginning to end using our Custom Color System. We pre-stain or pre-paint your product before installation, eliminating stain accidents and odors from your home. Our process eliminates the need for on-site finishing. If you want the look of completely custom windows and doors try our Refinishing Services. 

Woodland Pre-Finishing Services

Woodland’s Pre-Finishing Services allows you to choose your favorite colors and finishes from our beautiful section of standard or custom matched colors. Our team of experts’ seal, prime, paint or stain your windows, doors, and trim in our state-of-the-art paint rooms.

Woodland Pre-Finishing Services

When you’re replacing old windows and doors it’s important to pay special attention to all the decorative details. One key part of a home’s finish is the interior and exterior trim around all windows and doors. Your design options vary from matching to contrasting and may vary from inside to outside. The choice is yours to make. Visit our homeowner project gallery for ideas.

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