Cost of Replacement Windows vs. Energy Savings

While energy costs continue to rise, many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on energy. Reducing the level of energy consumption is also the responsibility of everyone as environmental problems are becoming more and more horrendous. If you are serious about saving money by cutting back on utility costs, replacing your traditional windows is of paramount importance. 

Your utility bills may be skyrocketing because you are still using your old drafty windows. Draftiness refers to windows letting cool or warm air out of your home, and outside air in. Thus, you need to hire someone for window replacement, but this needs to be handled by a true professional.

Even though the initial price may seem high, you will save a great deal of money in the long run. When you insist on staying with a leaking and drafty window, you are actually wasting energy—and worse of all—you end up spending more bucks on utility bills. As you can see, it does make sense to consider replacing your home windows.

The Cost of Replacement Windows

Companies work together with manufacturers to ensure the replacement service is as affordable as possible. The rates, however, are based on the type of the window you choose for your home.

Of course, not all modern windows are the same. You will find good ones and bad ones, as well. A good home window is crafted using quality materials with energy efficiency in mind. And it should be able to last for years without requiring regular maintenance.

Energy Savings

According to the Consumer Report, a homeowner can save between 10-20 percent on utility bills annually by getting energy efficient replacement windows. If you want to save more on energy, you need to choose windows with great insulating properties. For example, wood and vinyl windows are highly recommended. Aluminum is also fine. Other great options are double panes and argon gas windows.

The type of window you select depends on your preference, and budget. A good window company should be able to help you make a good decision. Look for the reputable ones that offer professional advice. You also want them to help you with installation.

Bottom Line

Window replacement is – without a doubt – a huge investment. They are quite expensive to buy and install, but it is worth bearing in mind that energy saving will finally counterweigh the initial cost of the replacement windows.  

After you are done with replacing windows in your home, you will be surprised at how much you’ll be able to save on utility bills. Your windows play a great role in your home. They protect you and your loved ones from rain, storms and robbers. Energy efficient windows, however, do much more than mere protection – they are money savers.


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