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Condominium Doors – First Impressions Matter

First impressions and Curb appeal

Whether you’re a homeowner or the property manager for a homeowner’s association (HOA) you know that your building’s curb appeal directly impacts property values, so old beat-up entry doors don’t bode well for what’s inside. Let’s face it, first impressions matter and an entry door is one of the first things guests will see. In HOAs, exterior doors are usually “limited common elements”, which when replaced benefit everyone.

 Condominium Doors - First Impressions Matter

Aesthetics, security and energy efficiency

When it’s time, or past time to replace your building’s deteriorating exterior doors it can be for a variety of reasons, aesthetics, security, or for better energy efficiency. If the doors are worn-out or damaged it’s likely that they’re also very old and you’re not gaining any of the security or energy efficient benefits afforded by the newly engineered doors.

Of course, one of the challenges for an association board facing capital improvement projects is keeping a balance between controlling costs and maintaining and enhancing the value of the property. Woodland Windows and Doors Multi-family Division is getting more requests for replacement doors with commercial hardware designed to handle repetitive operating cycles and added security.

For a recently completed project in Buffalo Grove, Il, Woodland specified and installed ProVia entry door systems with commercial hardware and a high grade security key system, giving homeowners and their association board control over who access to keys to the building. The new doors offer special adhesives/thermal barrier to reduce heat and cold transfer and an option additional foam fill for maximum energy efficiency since the doors open into conditioned entry areas.

Condominium Doors - First Impressions Matter

Best practices – proven vendor / installer, high quality product, custom solution

Woodland believes the key to a successful condominium or townhome replacement exterior door project is communication before the new doors are selected and throughout the installation project. It’s the best way ensure that the homeowner’s requirements are clearly understood and that the best solution emerges. There are a lot of products to choose from, but best practices promote a holistic approach beginning with a proven vendor and installer, a high quality product and the ingenuity to create the exact right custom solution for your building. And a word to the wise, the goal is to find the best overall value, which will be the lowest cost over time – not the lowest initial cost.

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