Comparing Vinyl vs Wood vs Aluminum Replacement Windows for Chicago Homeowners

How do vinyl replacement windows compare with wood and aluminum windows? What is the difference between vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows? When you start to shop for new replacement windows, you might be a little confused with the many options available to choose from. It’s impossible to say one is better than the other because each of them has their own pros and cons. In this post, you will get some great information to help you compare various features of vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl has a nice external appearance, making it very attractive. It comes in different styles and colors. Most vinyl windows are designed to mimic the appearance of wood. Many homeowners are advised to consider the long term benefits of the window they are thinking of buying. A vinyl replacement window will look as new in the next 15 years as it did the day it was purchased. Generally, vinyl won’t scratch or fade because the color is the same throughout. It also doesn’t require maintenance. It is typically less expensive.

Wood Windows

Wood is a natural insulator making it energy efficient and one of the best options for replacement windows. Wood is also considered the most attractive material in terms of its appearance. That’s why vinyl manufacturers are working hard to imitate the look of real wood. Maintenance is one major reason many homeowners avoid wood. While newly installed wood replacement windows can look beautiful, it requires a great deal of maintenance.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum materials are known for their extraordinary strength. You can paint aluminum with any color of choice. This can help to match the color of your window frames with your home. However, outer coating or paint can chip off over time, and this will expose the metal underneath. Aluminum is a good noise insulator, but quite inefficient in terms of energy saving. As always, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold.

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