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Best Mid-Century Modern Home Windows and Doors

Best Mid-Century Modern Home Windows and Doors

You’ve driven by one and you may have even stopped to look at it. The Mid-Century Modern Home rarely goes unnoticed. Sleek lines, curtain walls of glass, horizontal window designs and contemporary doors are what defines a Mid-Century Modern home.

The design dates back to the period between1940s and remained popular into the mid- 1960s. Frank Lloyd Wright is the father of this contemporary design, later followed by Joseph Eichler’s mass produced homes. Today’s interest in simple design, open concept homes, indoor-outdoor spaces, and energy efficient windows and doors, invites a resurgence of Mid-Century Modern Home (MCM) remodels or new construction.

If you’re considering an MCM home, windows and doors are the key architectural and construction element of your project. Here’s what you need to know for your plans.

Windows for Simple Designs

Windows featuring narrow frame profiles like Marvin contemporary windows that essentially disappear are a good choice for Mid-Century Modern homes. The windows are usually large and arranged in groupings extending from floor to ceiling or even wrapping around corners like this West Chicago remodel. Marvin offers Awnings with flush exterior frames and sash up to 8’ wide by 8’ high and casements offering uninterrupted glass. It’s common to see interior recessed windows with or without window frames. The best window styles for MCM remodels are:




Best Mid-Century Modern Home Windows and Doors

Large patio doors (link to door blog) and oversized scenic doors (link to blog) are popular on the back of the house or connecting atriums and courtyards. Marvin sliding patio doors or swinging French doors are available in two, three, and four panel configurations with sizes up to 12’ wide and 9’ high include two-point locking systems for security (link to blog). The ultimate scenic doors from Marvin include the Bi-Fold and Multi-Slide Doors. Used with a protected overhang, when fully opened the doors virtually disappear creating an unobstructed connection between indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, there are recessed threshold options that facilitate a seamless transition. 

Energy Efficiency

The resurgent interest in Mid-Century Modern homes is made possible by today’s green technologies and energy efficient windows and doors. (link) MCM homes built in the last century weren’t likely to be energy efficient. Single pane glass can be used for the interior spaces, keeping the overall costs lower. Double and triple pane super-efficient glass packages make it economically possible to build contemporary homes.

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