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Best Entry Doors – Dutch Doors Are Versatile

The best entry door is the one that best suits your home style. It’s a key element of design so when you’re ready to replace your old door, consider upgrading to a door with architectural style. One style that’s versatile and back in vogue is the Dutch door.

Best Entry Doors – Dutch Doors Are Versatile

The Dutch door, named for its common appearance in the Netherlands is a door divided horizontally in such a way that the bottom half may remain shut while the top half opens. Or of course, engage the bolt and it becomes a single door. Its functional design was to keep animals out of farmhouses, or keep children inside, while allowing light and ventilation into the house. With the top house open, the breeze could flow into the house without the wind blowing street or garden dirt into the house.

Today’s revival of the Dutch door is partially because of its versatility. The design suits cottage, craftsman, and traditional style homes.


Expecting company? What better way to welcome guests to your home than with an open door? It makes a perfect garden shed door!


Best Entry Doors – Dutch Doors Are Versatile

The design makes a great exterior back door which is perfect for patio dining. Food and drinks can be passed to your guests and requests can be heard through the open door. Here in the mid-west, some homeowners added a retractable screen for the upper door during the summer buggy season. Jeld-wen offers a Dutch door with a shelf – a place for drinks or to cool a pie.


Interior Dutch doors are a perfect barrier to hide a laundry room, confine pets or toddlers in one room or create privacy for an office – do not disturb. Trustile Doors offers custom wood double Dutch doors.

 Best Entry Doors – Dutch Doors Are Versatile


Imagine if your entry door was a Dutch door. On Halloween night you wouldn’t need to open and close the door 100 times in the evening.

Today design is about originality and few doors express originality as well as the Dutch door can. When you’re ready to create, stop in our showroom and find exactly what you’re looking for or customize a door from our large selection of door brands. 

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